"Stu, it's been a great experience, fielding the calls, meeting the people, and negotiating deals".   Rick Parks, TRF

You can’t close deals without Prospects!

By consistently communicating your message to thousands of existing local businesses, we create a top-of-mind awareness that permanently feeds your pipeline with deals that would otherwise be nonexistent.

The Rule of Seven defines the fundamental basis of all successful marketing...   It holds that a message must be sustained and repeated.  Fortunately, our Retail Leasing Calls program will generate leasing calls each and every time, but the truth of the Rule of Seven is that marketing, as an on-going process, will produce maximum results.

Marketing maintenance means tenant retention and expanding occupancy

Asset management requires regularly scheduled expenditures to maintain physical assets.  The same principle should apply to leasing.  The Retail Leasing Calls program should be a fixed strategy to grow your cash flow - the expenditure most likely to lease space today.

Less Prospects + More Competition = The Need to Do Something More

Retail Leasing Calls meets this challenge for you by delivering superior leasing results immediately.  Our program identifies invisible tenant prospects and the small percentage of local businesses looking for space today, driving them directly into your hands.

Retail Leasing Calls will help you gain a competitive advantage by establishing new tenant relationships.  We will give your real estate top-of-mind awareness with thousands of local businesses—awareness that generates new leasing calls.  We will help your team convert those calls into real deals.

Retail Leasing Calls is the essential “Something More” that can produce accretive incremental returns by building a pipeline of local leasing deals from a shrinking pool of tenants.  Optimally, you will treat the Retail Leasing Calls program as another critical maintenance expenditure, but one that protects and expands your cash flow.

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