"Stu, it's been a great experience, fielding the calls, meeting the people, and negotiating deals".   Rick Parks, TRF

How to build a pipeline of local leasing deals from a shrinking pool of prospects

Traditional leasing methods are no longer adequate to meet occupancy goals.  Owners are under more pressure than ever to protect market share, identify new tenants, and satisfy investor expectations.

And yet, here's some good news... Every day, in every zip code, a small percentage of businesses face lease expirations, need to relocate, or want to expand. How do you find them?


For 40 years, Retail Leasing Calls has delivered real tenant prospects that are seeking space now

Retail Leasing Calls provides turnkey marketing programs that generate an infusion of activity, new calls, and positive leasing momentum.

We design, print, and mail custom marketing materials under your name and logo to a dynamically updated list of existing businesses, within an appropriate trade area, which contact you directly.  Our results are easy to benchmark, as these new leasing calls are directly traceable to our program.



Accurately identifying and communicating with local business owners

Our service does not rely on obsolete "mailing lists"; instead, we utilize a dynamic formula of merging and purging data sources, including: tax records, business licenses, trade associations, and D&B.  Specific business categories are then targeted based upon tenant mix and marketing strategy.  The result is the most accurate one-time-use list of existing businesses designed specifically for each mailing campaign.

Creation and distribution of custom marketing materials

The sophistication of a successful direct mail package belies its apparent simplicity.

We create a custom flyer, cover letter, and envelope designed with information that can be easily absorbed and provokes an immediate response.  Our marketing renderings are drawn from the perspective of showing off shopping centers bustling with cars and shoppers, unlike typical renderings which highlight architecture and landscaping, not activity.

Custom Marketing Materials

Critical Follow-up Training

Generating the prospect is the key first step, but our service doesn't end there.  Retail Leasing Calls is comprised of industry leasing experts who conduct personalized follow-up training and mentoring to share tips and techniques learned over decades of local leasing experience.  We provide a comprehensive syllabus which includes: 10 Tips for Local Leasing Success, "Make a Friend - Make a Deal", script for success, short form proposal to lease, and referral letter to existing businesses.

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